Sling Shot Charlie's
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Sling Shot Charlie's Menu

{All items subject to change upon availability, season, and chef's choice.}


$10 Hot Plate Special: entree' and 2 sides + choice of homemade bread

           Wednesday- Hamburger Steak

           Thursday- Chicken N' Dumplings

           Friday- Pork Tenderloin

           Saturday- Meatloaf

           Sunday- Chicken N' Dressing

       ***More specials may be available. Please call to find out additional                hot plate special items and daily side items.                                           ***Homemade bread items: yeast roll, regular cornbread,                          mexican cornbread, regular hushpuppies, jalapeno                                hushpuppies.               

$8.50 Vegetable Plate: 4 sides + choice of homemade bread

$10 Fried Catfish Plate: 1 Pride of the Pond fillet catfish + homemade              bread ($2 per extra fillet catfish)

$12 Fried Whole Catfish (Bone In) Plate: 1 Pride of the Pond whole                catfish + homemade bread ($3 per extra whole catfish)

$10 Chicken Tenders Plate: 5 oz. hand-cut chicken breast {fried or                  grilled} and 2 sides + homemade bread                                            

$10 Fried Chicken Livers Plate: hand battered fried chicken livers and            2 sides + homemade bread

$9 Bea Arthur Sampler Delight: 1 scoop homemade chicken salad +            1 scoop pimento cheese + 2 deviled eggs + seasonal fresh fruit +              homemade bread


$6 Little Suzie's Salad: mixed romaine and iceburg luttace + shredded          carrots + cherry tomatoes + bacon + shredded cheddar cheese +                homemade bread + choice of dressing

$9 Little Suzie's Salad with Chicken: mixed romaine and iceburg                  luttace + shredded carrots + cherry tomatoes + bacon + shredded              cheddar cheese + hand-cut chicken breast {fried or grilled} +                      homemade bread + choice of dressing

$2.50 side salad: mixed romaine and iceburg luttace + shredded carrots             + cherry tomatoes + choice of dressing

Sandwich Plates: sandwich + 1 side

****All sandwiches are dressed with (unless specified): mustard, ketchup, mayo, luttace,        tomato, pickle, and onion.

********Please allow approximately 20-30 minutes cook time for the 1/2 lb. burgers.

$12 Sling Shot Charlie Burger: 1/2 lb. hand-pattied burger with                        sauteed onion and mushrooms with swiss cheese

$12 Gallaway Burger: 1/2 lb. hand-pattied burger with bacon and                    cheddar cheese

$8 Hamburger: 1/4 lb. hand-pattied burger

$8.50 Cheeseburger: 1/4 lb. hand-pattied burger with American cheese

$8 Chicken Salad Sandwich: homemade chicken salad on a roll bun

$8 Pimento Cheese Sandwich: homemade pimento cheese on a roll bun

$8.50 Chicken Breast Sandwich: hand-cut chicken breast {grilled or                   fried} on a bun

$8.50 Catfish Sandwich: fried Pride of the Pond catfish fillet on a bun


**********Desserts change daily and seasonally. Please call in for a current list of desserts available for that day.

$4 Desserts

$1/Scoop Store-Bought Ice Cream

$2/Scoop Homemade Ice Cream


$2 Soda Fountain Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper,                      Root Beer, Minute Maid Lemonade

$2 Iced Tea: Fresh homemade sweetened or unsweetened

$2 Coffee: Freshly made regular  and decaff upon request